Session Details

My Style

My approach to photography is relaxed and yet emotion focussed, and this shines through in the family stories I tell. I want to capture how you laugh and love together and all the other emotions that make up your tales. The tickles and giggles and hilarious family jokes that you share – the things that are unique to you are all to be celebrated. I love natural light, and natural settings, be it your home where you feel comfortable, the beach, or out having a burger. When I join you at a session location I have a nosey around to see how I can catch you and your family naturally and in the most perfect light.  I want to find out about you and see what makes you tick; this is how I capture your personalities and true emotions as they unfold.

I want to tell your story.

Photography is about light and compositions and connections – nothing inspires me more than when I get all three to work together – you’ll often see what my kids call “dancing sunbeams” in my photos as I work with the light to shine on your family and bathe you all in a glow.


For newborn sessions it’s best to schedule within the first month or so of life – when your baby is still adorably curled up. Let me know your due date so I have a window of time pencilled in, and then give me a call once your precious bundle arrives! But please, go easy on yourself, and if you need time to feel yourself again then talk to me, and wait a little. We’ll still capture those tiny toes and your heart busting with love.

I love to photograph all ages, but special times occur around some of the major milestones. When your baby first sits or as they’re learning to take their first steps are really adorable moments. When your child starts at school and starts to gain their independence ….

Bumps sessions should be scheduled whenever you’re feeling great about your pregnancy. Use them as a chance to share your excitement and the love that you feel. Often, the stage between 32 and 36 weeks works well as it’s before you get to the exhausted final stages! I know how that can feel!!

Senior sessions are a rite of passage in the USA as students graduate from high school – but feel free to schedule a session at any time during your teen years! These sessions are particularly suited to celebrating the years as they seem to fly by.

Engagement sessions give you and me a chance to get to know each other – to explore what you want from your shots and to give you a little fun memento before the big day.  You can have them anytime you want during your time as fiancé and fiancée and can couple them with a wedding package, or just as a one off fun lifestyle shoot.

Where and Wear and What

I shoot on location, which means anywhere you want. Lifestyle photography is different to portrait photography as it captures the whole story – the tiny details, the love, the emotions. Nothing is posed or faked for the camera but I may guide you capture the real you!  We can meet at the beach, the park, or at your home. I will shoot you walking down the street, climbing trees, doing cartwheels, or having an ice cream… you name it!

Wear what you want; whatever makes you feel good, and whatever you feel comfortable in. Put your children in clothes you love to see them in – you’re going to be looking at these images for a while so you don’t want them in things that make you go “ugh, what was I thinking”! That does mean things that are more timeless, so jeans and plain colours of course work well, but please, if you never go out wearing matching clothing then I suggest that’s not a great idea for a photo shoot!!!  Slap on your make up, make it an occasion – I’ll even take shots of you and your little girl putting it on together if you want! Clothing is optional for newborn sessions!!

Choose an event you want documenting for a lifestyle session. Pick an activity that represents your family. Playing football in the backyard, hanging out at the beach or baking a cake. Have fun, laugh lots and let me capture you living life to the full.

Information © Kirsty Larmour – please don’t steal, it’s not nice….