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It took me a long time to get to where I am…. I didn’t initially learn photography, I studied art, and then I was told I wasn’t good at art, and that you could never make money, and then that no one wanted my style of photography… in addition to never thinking I was actually good enough. I was taking photos for pretty much 10 years before I felt capable of having enough knowledge to share with others, and that I was truly good enough – when when I did teach you know what happened? You COULDN’T SHUT ME UP!!!!!!!!!!

Turns out, I completely love to help other photographers learn photography and achieve their goals, and since that first lesson I taught in Abu Dhabi back in 2014 I am lucky enough to have had some incredible opportunities to teach internationally. Whether you’re a Mum wanting to capture the every day moments of your kids as they grow, a traveller with a passion for seeing off the beaten track places, someone  or a professional hoping to take things ot the next level I’ve been there.

With that in mind there are various ways you can learn from me:

Photography on the Fly

Photography on the Fly is an in depth e-book and series of videos aimed at all levels from beginner to advanced to help your photography become more intuitive. It looks at the rules of composition and lighting, and how to bring out more emotion in your photos and to capture the sense of environment. It draws on my experience traveling all over the world and capturing my kids and clients as I go.  It’s the perfect e-book to have on your ipad for summer reading by the pool. To invigorate you and help you to have the confidence to capture stunning pictures ANYWHERE you go!! See more here

This guide is my baby – it’s where I share my secrets and my heart, and I honestly couldn’t be more delighted with the reviews and feedback I had from it – I floated on candyfloss for months, I swear!!

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The Travel Mini Guide

This mini travel guide is easily downloadable so you can read on the go.

Included are tips on composition and lighting. There is discussion of how to pan for your trip and location scout, plus how to plan your days to get the best out of your photography. 

There is a bonus video for you to download where Kirsty discusses the making of some of her favourite photos in the guide. She also talks through the behind the scenes details of some of her award winning travel photos. 

You can download 2 different prompt cards to your phone and save them in your favourites to easily access photo ideas throughout your travel days and strengthen your eye and storytelling.

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One-on-One Mentoring

Kirsty Larmour Photograher

If you want something more than reading and watching to help your photography grow and leap from strength t strength I will customise a series of 1 on 1 mentoring sessions for you based on your immediate and long term needs.

You could be a beginner trying to get to grips with your new camera and wanting a private lesson. You could be a Mum who wants to travel with her kids and not miss those special moments. You could be wanting to find ways to bring out emotion with your children and clients, to build more connection in your photos so you rely less on posing. Or you could be at the stage that you are ready to take your business the next step.

Email me with your ideas and we will devise a strategy to get you to the next step and beyond.


Portfolio Reviews

We will review the strengths of your portfolio and discuss areas for improvement based on composition, lighting, emotion and editing principles. We will discuss finding your photographic voice and letting it speak so your style is clear. These sessions are usually around 1-2 hours and include time for you to question me about my journey and business practices.

Past Break Out Students have come from every corner of the world and most of my mentoring sessions are conducted by Skype. Mentoring starts at US$200

Please hit Contact up above and send me a message with your wish list and we’ll watch your photography bloom, xx

Kirsty Larmour Photograher

The Wondering Light

A series of unique retreats for photographers held in Goa, India – learn photography whilst indulging in a feast for your soul, your senses and yourself…. This retreat brings together internationally recognised instructors to teach, share and inspire you on your photography journey. Contact Kirsty for more details about learning photography in India 

And last but not least I am proud to be a presenter for Nikon Middle East, helping to diversify their lineup and include children’s and lifestyle photography in the offerings from their Nikon Photo School. Please keep an eye on the  Kirsty Larmour Photography Facebook page or Nikon MEA’s page for upcoming talks.

If you want to read about some of my previous international teaching experiences you can read them here

Click Away 2014 – Salt Lake City

Xposure International Photography Festival

Nikon MEA Talks

Call Me Artist Retreat - 3-5 October 2020, use code KIRSTY10 for $10 discount

However you want to learn photography there’s a way, and if it’s not with me I am more than happy to recommend other resources, other teachers and other methods. I also recommend ClickinMoms as an invaluable source of information with a jam packed forum and so many friendly and helpful members.

Happy Learning, xx