Motherhood comes in many shapes and sizes. It is often the invisible thread that weaves through families, and holds life together. It’s the quiet encouragement and the reassuring touch, the nutritious meals and the wiped brows, the ears to listen and hands to hold. The heart which loves. There are so many stories waiting to be told…. your stories, my stories, birth stories, grief stories, huge deep love stories and hard everyday work stories. 


And through it all there’s you, Mama, however you mother, you are there. And you deserve to be seen, to be celebrated, in your photos, at the heart and soul of your family stories.


Let’s tell those stories, together, in photos, to hold and treasure…. x

Stories of Motherhood

Our Motherhood stories are important. The thoughts and feelings and everyday joys can be lost along the path of life. These images are from a multitude of stories and walks of life, and a few of them are my own, as I make sure I am present in my own family albums. I share my own motherhood stories over HERE and on Instagram, and I would love to tell your stories and celebrate all that you do too... 

Kirsty Larmour | Family Photography around the world


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