India, oh India, how you charm all who pass through your land. You weave your way into our lives and change how we see the world.

Let me join you to tell your stories of this remarkable place - the place some of us are lucky enough to call home. The favourite chai walla, the garlands of marigolds, the autorickshaw rides, the cacophony of sounds, the tingle of the spices, the deep feelings, all part of the strands that criss cross the loom of our lifes, woven through images, to hold in your hands as a treasure, a story of these India days. 

Stories of India

I am so lucky to have had a lifetime of my own India family stories. Stories that I hold deeply in my soul, but which also grace the walls of my home and are held in beautiful albums.

Let's tell the stories of your family.... 

Kirsty Larmour | Family Photography around the world


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