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Proofing Information

When your proofs are ready (up to 3 weeks after the session, usually sooner), I will let you know via phone or e-mail to check that it is a convenient time for you to view them, download them and make any purchasing decisions.

Your gallery will be online for 1 week so I encourage you to start thinking about which prints, albums, collages etc that you’d like to order as soon as you start looking through them. After the week the gallery will expire and there is a AED200 fee to republish it – if you have questions let me know while your gallery is online. If you have ordered a digital file collection then you will be free to download your files at this time.
For other orders, please order during that week via email using the print name and number which comes up above the image – this is typically something like “Larmour_FamilyXX

You will be sent a link to your private gallery when your photos are ready.  You can share your gallery with anyone you choose.

Payment must be received before I can process your order.  This can be done by cash, cheque, or credit card via paypal (even if you don’t have a paypal account) or bank transfer so at the time of your order please let me know which method works best for you.  Prints take 2-3 weeks and albums usually 4-8 weeks once payment for your order is received. But if you have any questions about any prints or products please call or email me. Consider purchasing a collection as they offer great value savings over the a la carte pricing and have a little bit of everything in them.

Some tips for viewing your gallery

Remember that not all monitors are the same.  My monitor is professionally calibrated so that what I see on my screen is how an image will actually print.  Sometimes, you may find that your monitor is too dark or too bright and images may not look as good as they will look in print.  This is optional, but before viewing your gallery (perhaps to kill time while waiting for your proofs), you can calibrate your monitor.

Looking at this bar below, there should be 24 blocks in shades of white, grey, and black.  If you can see them all, your monitor is fine as is.

If not, then try this:

1. On your monitor, turn the contrast up to 100%

2. Then turn the brightness up to 100%.

3. Slowly start turning the brightness down on your monitor.  Stop when you can see a difference between the first 2-3 bars on the left and the last 2-3 bars on the right.

4. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just get it as close as you can.


To help you decide what to purchase and how to display your photos I have an extensive gallery of “Photo Display” ideas on Pinterest

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